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Better Battery 2

Monitoring stats and infos of your MacBook's battery. The focus of the app is to show and collect relevant informations about your MacBook's battery. The Standard Edition is free and provides basic battery infos, system infos and stats. The Pro Edition (available as InApp purchase) offers a lot of more features, informations and charts. You can test the Pro Edition 30 days for free.

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Netmo is a menu bar app that shows the weather data of up to five Netatmo weather stations (including additional indoor modules, as well as rain and wind gauges).

Netmo views the data of temperature, humidity, CO2, Noise, rain and wind in beautiful charts over defineable time periods.

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Better Battery

Better Battery is a menubar app, helps to improve the battery lifetime of your MacBook (Air/Pro) and shows useful informations and stats about the battery and daily usage time of your notebook. It also tracks the status of your MacBook (Air/Pro) battery over time - so it’s easy to keep an eye on the condition of your battery.

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