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Clean Up Netmo

Sometimes a simple Restart helps to solve problems. Try it.

If not, let’s clean-up and remove all preferences files:

Close Netmo (maybe you need to kill Netmo via the Activity Monitor)

- Open Finder
- Press and hold "Alt" and choose "Go" and „Library“ from the menubar
- Open folder "Containers"
- Delete the folder „at.agross.netmo“ OR the folder "Netmo" (on macOS Big Sur)
- Start Netmo again.

Here are some screenshots that explain how to delete the settings folder of Netmo (or any other app installed on your Mac).
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Open Finder. Press & Hold Alt and choose "Go" and "Library" from the menubar

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Delete the folder "at.agross.netmo" or the folder "Nemo" on Big Sur and higher.