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The Real Battery Charge Level

Better Battery 2 is showing a different charge level than my Mac! Why?

Better Battery 2 calculates the REAL charge level based on the current capacity values of the battery - i.e. the maximum capacity and the current capacity of the battery. Apple does not show the real value, but only shows an "embellished" or "optimized" value. So, the values are different.

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The REAL charge level is calculated with following formula: 100 / Max. Capacity * Current Capacity

An example: if your MacBook is fully charged and you remove the charger, Apple's value only starts to decrease when the REAL charge level is below 95%. Try it yourself and compare the values.
In reality, of course, the capacity value of your MacBook battery starts immediately to decrease after you remove the charger and this is NOT reflected by Apples "optimized" value.

But if you prefer Apples "optimized" value, you can change it in the settings of Better Battery 2. Just remove the checkbox at "Show the real Charge Level" in General.
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