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Where is Netmo?

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Netmo is a menubar app. There is no dock icon or application window.

If you click on the app in the menubar, it will open the Detail-Window (or login screen at the first start)
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But sometimes, you can't see the app in the menubar. So what is the problem?

Please try following steps:
- Open the Mac App Store
- Do you see Netmo now?
- What happens if you open e.g. Safari? Is Netmo still visible?

There is a simple reason for this. If you open an application with a lot of menu items (like Safari), it’s possible, that these menu items hides the menubar apps on the right side of the menubar. This is a normal behaviour of macOS - the menu items of the active application are always visible.
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Maybe you can hide some menubar items on the right side, like the Bluetooth symbol or turn on the symbol for the fast user switching and not the full name. You do this usually in the system settings of macOS.

Another solution is move Netmo to another position. Just press and hold CMD on your keyboard and move Netmo with your mouse/trackpad (btw, this works with every menubar app).