Weather, Time & Netatmo

Temps is a Menubar Weather App for your Mac and provides you with weather forecasts for your current location, Netatmo weather stations and up to ten locations worldwide.


For more than four years now, Temps is one of the top weather apps in the Mac App Stores around the world.


Temps ist the perfect and most beautiful companion app for your Personal Weather Station from Netatmo.


Temps supports up to three Netatmo-Stations and each station up to three additional Indoor Modules plus one Rain gauge and the Wind gauge.


Weather reports for over 2 million locations worldwide
Supports your Weather Station from Netatmo
Suppports up to three addition Indoor Modules, the Rain- and Wind gauge
Current weather and 3 day forecast
Colored or monochrome interface
Show/hide informations for minimal appearance (menubar)
Enhanced for MacBook Pro with Retina Display
Sync your locations to all your Macs via iCloud
Current temperature and weather condition
Feels like, Humidity, Atmospheric Pressure, Cloud Cover
Wind, Precipitation, Chance of Rain
Local Time,
Sunrise- and Sunset
Localization: Englisch, German, Italian, French, Norwegian and Czech